Hello, we haven’t really met properly but I’m your downstairs neighbour, how are you?

Good? Are you sure? As that was an awfully loud bang ten minutes ago, and nine minutes ago, and six minutes ago, and.. you get the idea.

Do you really need to bang on your floor several times before 6:30am? Seriously, it sounds like you have snuck an elephant up there and you are teaching it how to jump, all four feet off the ground and back down, just to ensure maximum bang potential, several times in a row!

Now I know it possibly can’t be easy for you living above us, we do have two young children after all, and they know how to be loud, they must think they are lions at times as I swear, when they are both going and in a foul mood, everyone in a 5+ mile radius knows about it.

Now let’s see, if my two are lioncubs, that would make me a lioness, and you don’t want to upset a lioness, especially when it comes to her cubs. This lioness does not like being woken up at 6:30am because your banging has woken up her cubs!

Generally, Monkey and Koala are pretty good, but of course they have their days, they are one and two year old, I’m afraid they make noise.

We are fairly rarely indoors, once the kids are up, changed, had breakfast and dressed we are normally out the door, I will take a lunch out for them and we won’t be back till it’s time to get dinner ready. But sometimes the weather isn’t great or I’m not feeling too well, so we stay indoors. Living above us you’d know these flats aren’t very big, there’s not much room for a two year old to run around, add a one year old in there too and there is no room.
I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but if they are being too noisy I take them out, regardless of if I even have the energy to set the buggy up, we don’t go anywhere in particular, just out for a walk until they calm down. I don’t want them to be causing a disturbance to our neighbours so I get them away, it may be for five minutes or maybe five hours, but I get them away because I don’t want us to be seen as an annoyance. 

So let’s say we wake up at 7am (on a rare day without your banging of course), we would normally be out the door by 10am, we don’t come back till 4ish, the kids are in bed by 7:30pm and both fast asleep by 8pm (unless you are teaching the elephant to jump again.) They are indoors with the opportunity of making noise for a quarter of the day, 6/24 hours, at least when they do make noise it is during the day and not in the middle of the night, another time you like to teach the elephant to jump.

I guess all I mean from all this is could you please try to keep the banging to the daytime? I try to keep my kids noise to a minimal even during the day (which believe me, is not easy) so surely it’s not too much of an ask for you to try to keep the noise down too?

It is only you up there after all.

Sincerely, the mummy from downstairs who is tired because of all the banging.


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