I thought I would share this poem I wrote a year ago today. It was written within 10-15 minutes during a group therapy session while I was on the mother and baby unit in hospital so please excuse the non-creativeness of it, I was in a very bad place mentally.

To help you maybe make some sense from this, all you see in bold was already part of the poem, the rest is what I added to make it complete.


I am Jade.

I wonder why things are what they are.

I see people sitting around a table with pens in their hand.

I hear paper shuffling and birds outside.

I want to love my children and to be me again.

I am creative and adventurous.


I pretend when reading or writing, that I am the person in the story.

I feel I’m forcing the smile.

I touch the pen in my hand and the table the paper rests upon.

I cry sometimes for reasons I don’t even know.

I am a problem solver and observant.


I understand nothing is ever easy, but things get there in the end.

I say rain will make the flowers grow.

I dream of publishing a book.

I try to do all I can with the time I have.

I hope to go to Disney World Florida.

I am a mummy of two who is depressed but getting better.



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